Cervical Disc Herniation C5/6 treated with Prestige Artificial Disc: Case 1

Case Review #1: Cervical Spine Surgery with Prestige Disc from Robert Pashman

A 42 year old male presented with a C5/6 disc herniation, severe neck and arm pain. Dr. Pashman treated him with an anterior cervical discectomy and Prestige artificial disc replacement.

    Case Review:

    Prestige Cervical Disc Replacement at C5/6

    Patient History:

    42 year old male. Severe right shoulder and arm pain going to the thumb in the C6 distribution.
    C5/6 disc herniation found on MRI.
    Progressive pain, and arm weakness.
    The patient has a long history of sports related injuries.
    The patient has tried various holistic and conservative management treatments, including physical therapy, medicines for his neck and arm pain.

    Indications for Surgery:

    Severe degenerative disk disease C5-C6. Right shoulder and arm pain, numb to C6 distribution, right-hand side. Disk degeneration and spinal cord and neural foraminal stenosis due to hard and soft disk C5-C6.Failed conservative therapy. Motor sensory deficit with biceps weakness, right arm.

    Surgical Strategy:

    Radical diskectomy C5-C6.
    Subtotal vertebrectomy with removal of 1/3 vertebra, anterior osteophyte, posterior uncal vertebral osteophyteC5-C6 with epidural and neural foraminal decompression.
    Interbody device C5-C6 with a Prestige 7 x 16 mm articulated total disk replacement.
    Intraoperative somatosensory evoked potentials.
    Intraoperative fluoroscopy.

    Post-Op Films:

    The patient has some residual neck pain, but has been released for full activity and may take anti-inflammatory medication as needed.