C5/6 disc herniation treated with a Prestige Disc: Case 2

Case Review #2: 46 year old female with Prestige Disc Replacement from Robert Pashman

A 46 year old female presented with massive neck pain and a C5/6 disc herniation. Dr. Pashman treated her with an anterior cervical diskectomy and placement of a Prestige Disc.


Case Review:

46 year old female withC5/6 disc herniation treated with a Prestige Artificial Disc


Patient History:

46 year old female
Massive neck pain
Arm pain
Failed conservative therapy
Escalating intake of pain medication
Degeneration of C5/6, osteophytes, spinal cord compression and stenosis found on MRI

Pre-op X-rays:

Degeneration of C5/6 Disc

Indications for Surgery:

Degenerative disc disease of C5-6.
Neuroforaminal stenosis of C5-6.
Degenerative disc disease of the spinal cord and neuroforaminal C6 compression.
Severe uncovertebral osteophyte causing spinal cord and neuroforaminal compression necessitating vertebrectomy.
Failed conservative therapy.

Surgical Strategy:

Radical discectomy with complete spinal canal evacuation of soft disc.
Subtotal vertebrectomy C5-6 for removal of mass of uncovertebral osteophyte and neuroforaminal stenosis.
Cervical total disc replacement using Prestige 6 x 14 implant.
Intraoperative SSEP.
Intraoperative fluoroscopy.

Pre-Op/Post-op Comparison:

The patient is doing well post-operatively.   Her neck and arm pain were resolved.