C5/6 disc herniation treated with a Bryan Artificial Disc: Case 9

Case Review #9: 40 year old female treated with a Bryan Cervical Disc from Robert Pashman

A 40 year old female presented with a C5/6 disc herniation. Dr. Robert Pashman treated the patient with an anterior cervical discectomy and a Bryan Cervical Disc.

Case Review: 

Bryan Artificial Cervical Disc

Patient History:

40-year-old female
Patient has arm pain and neck pain
Failed conservative therapy
MRI shows severe nerve Disc herniation with spinal cord compression compression, cord compression due to disc herniation C5-6.


CT Scan A CT Scan is performed to check the facet joints and to pick the appropriate size artificial disc prior to surgery.

Indications for Surgery:

Degenerative joint disease
Disc herniation at C5-6.Spinal cord compression
Radiculopathy of C6 distribution in arms bilaterally.
Failure of conservative therapy with neck and arm pain.

Surgical Strategy:

Radically anterior cervical discectomy for removal of spinal cord decompression with microscope C5-6.
Bilateral nerve foraminotomy C5-6 under the microscope.
Anterior interbody device placement with Bryan cervical disc arthroplasty under Investigational Device Exemption, C5-6
Intraoperative somatosensory evoked potential.
Intraoperative fluoroscopy.