Kyphosis Case 1

Case Review #1: 13 year old female with Scheurmanns Kyphosis from Robert Pashman

2-L2 and obtained a 44% reduction in her curvature.

    Case Review:

    Scheurmann’s Kyphosis

    Patient History:

    November 2005, 11 yo female presented with mild LBP, noticed curvature 1½ years ago Rigid kyphotic deformity in the thoracolumbar area. The patient does not have any coronal deformity. On Adams forward bending, no lumbar or rib hump asymmetry. 60- degree curvature. 75 degree Scheuermann’s Kyphosis with sharp angulation and apical Scheuermann located at T10-11 and has a 67°compensatory lumbar curve Braced 12/06 curve 60 degrees, slight improvement. This is problematic in the 78° sense that curves which cannot be corrected to within normal range or at least 50% because of flexibility issues will no doubt not respond adequately to bracing from a long term prognostic basis.


    Posterior spinal fusion T2 to L2 Spinal osteotomy four-level Ponte complete resection posteriorly thoracic 8-9, thoracic 9-10, thoracic 11-12, and thoracic-lumbar. The curve has been reduced 44% from 75° to 42°. An excellent outcome.