Scoliosis Books

Scoliosis books for children:

harryStand Tall Harry by Mary Mahoney
Harry, a young teen and aspiring chess champion, suffers a serious injury while playing hockey. While he is being treated, they discover that he has scoliosis.

deenieDeenie by Judy Blume
A thirteen-year-old girl seemingly destined for a modeling career finds she has a deformation of the spine called scoliosis.

theresansThere’s an S on My Back : ‘S’ Is for Scoliosis by Mary Mahoney
Maisey, a young teen, has been diagnosed with scoliosis. This is a heartwarming tale of courage, innocence and humor. Many parents read this story with their children.

abbys twin
Abby’s Twin: Babysitter’s Club
Trying to cheer up her twin Anna, who has been diagnosed with scoliosis, Abby fears that the condition is driving them apart when Anna seems to not want Abby’s help and begins to do things on her own.

Scoliosis Books for Adults:

backtolifeBack to Life: A Transformational Journey through Back Surgery By Pam Douglas
Dr. Pashman’s patient, Pam Douglas, wrote this incredibly insightful book about her journey through Scoliosis Surgery. Patient’s describe this book as a realistic and insightful description of the surgical and recovery process.

whatcanIgiveyouWhat Can I Give You : The Moving Account of One Family’s Journey to Understand the Many Faces Of Their Child’s Chronic Condition By: Mary Mahoney
In her book, What Can I Give You? author and mother Mary Mahony takes you on a remarkable journey — one in which she chronicles the life of her family following her daughter Erin’s scoliosis diagnosis. It is a story of pain, discovery, uncertainty, happiness, and ultimately hope and resilience.

preparingforsurgeryPreparing for Surgery: A Mind-Body approach to enhance healing and recovery by John Reeves, PhD
Even a minor operation is a source of anxiety and stress. Studies suggest that mind-body preparation for surgery can help relieve anxiety and reduce the severity of physical symptoms following an operation. This workbook distills the results of these studies into a usable, supportive guide. Written by Dr. John Reeves, who also practices at Cedars-Sinai Institute for Spinal Disorders.

stoppongscoliosisStopping Scoliosis by Nancy Schommer
Written by a scoliosis sufferer, Stopping Scoliosis takes the reader through every stage of the condition. Also included are methods for managing pain, tips on how to prepare for surgery.

scoliosis-surgeryScoliosis Surgery: The Definitive Patient’s Reference (2nd Edition)
(Paperback) Written in plain English by an adult who has been through it, this book explains everything you need to know about scoliosis surgery.